Nino and the poetry

Nino i la poesia

Nino is a clown who loves poetry. She recites poems, although she is a little shy in public. She is very good at reciting; one could say that she is the best in the world doing that and that’s why she wants the people to listen to her…

With the intention of reciting some poems, Nino will analyse, without realising that, all the parts of a poem: the rhyme, the pace, text… And we’ll see whether she gets to do so or not! Although, since she likes poems so much, it wouldn’t be so strange that she gets it. Nino will enjoy and will make kids enjoy words and words games.

Nino i la poesia is a funny clown show for all ages, but it goes beyond that.

Té a tres takes advantage of the amusement of the clown and the poetic game to approach poetry to kids of all ages. In a funny, entertaining and naive way, the audience learns to enjoy poetry and what poetry is. We want the audience to feel poetry as something close and for that reason we’ve included little popular poems to use as examples of the different aspects that are explained. So, in Nino i la poesia, the audience, besides of having a good time, discovers the relationship between poetry and rythm, words, music, games…

Artistic Cast:

Nino – Aina Moreno.

Screenplay – Té a tres.

Direction – Juan L. Muñoz.

Light and sound – Juan L. Muñoz.

Poster – Victoria Contreras.

Audience – Family, from 6 years old.

Space – Indoor (theatres, conference halls…).

Length – About 50 minutes.

Language – Catalan.

Production – Té a tres, S.C.

Dossier educatiu