TV or not TV

TV or not TV is a theatrical clown show, arranged in chained scenes that represent, through the comedy, the relationship between a clown woman and the TV. The reactions in front of a media that constrains our life and could almost be considered  as a member of the family. This is a work that shows the daily story of love/hate, atraction/repulse, between people and this addictive device, always in the innocent and funny manner (but also wild) of a clown woman.

She sits in an armchair, in front of the TV, switches the power on and…

Artistic cast:

Clown – Aina Moreno Cortès
Director – Juan L. Muñoz Moreno
Dramatist – Té a tres
Music – Adapted Erik Satie and Mozart’s compositions
Musical Adaptation – Té a tres
Atrezzo – Té a tres, Carmen Muñoz
Costume – Té a tres
Lighting and sound – Juan L. Muñoz Moreno
Graphical design – Victoria Contreras
Genre – Theatrical Clown
Language – Silent
Length – 70 minutes (nearly)
Audience – Young and adult
Production – Té a tres