“The Recycling Studio” at the Festival Internacional de Teatre de Teresetes de Mallorca

La Deixalleria Festival Teresetes 1000px

Next Saturday we’ll participate at the XVIII Festival Internacional de Teatre de Teresetes de Mallorca (XVIII International Festival of Puppet’s Theatre) with our show La Deixalleria (The Recycling Studio), with performances at 18 and 19:30 at the Museu de sa Jugueta in Palma.

The Recycling Studio is a clown and improv funny show in which Aina will create in each performance a new comic story playing with toys, made at the moment with recycled objects, and ideas provided by the audience.

Clown: Aina Moreno
Direction: Juan Muñoz
Creation and playwriting: Té a tres
Atrezzo and costumes: Té a tres
Graphic image: Victoria Contreras and Té a tres

Used technique: Objects theatre and clown
Audience: Family (from 5 years old).
Duration: 50 minuts
Language: catalan / spanish
Each performance is for 50 people maximum

More information at the Web of the Festival de Teresetes and our show webpage.

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