“TV or not TV” at the Clown Festival of Campanar, Valencia.

Saturday, July 4th 2009. Teatro de Campanar (C/ Mosén Rausell, 34. Campanar, 46015. Valencia). Info: 963403105/635154755. catarastrofeatro@elteatrodecampanar.com

TV or not TV is a clown show aimed to teens and adults audiences. It is structured in a series of linked scenes with which we present, by means of comic situations, the relationship between the clown  and television, as well as the reactions to a communication media that conditions our lives and it is almost considered as another member of our family. This show presents the day by day story of love/hate, attraction/aversion between people and this addictive apparel, always from a naive and comic point of view, and at the same time wild, of a clown.

The clown sits in her armchair, in front of the TV, pushes a button on the command and…

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